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Some dojo are independent, but most are affiliated with a major Aikido organization. Many major Aikido organizations, in turn, are affiliated with the Aikikai World Headquarters Hombu Dojo (birthplace of Aikido) in Tokyo, Japan, black belt ranks and dojo affiliation is recognized by the International Aikido Federation. Aikido organizations provide leadership and various services to their member dojos, such as seminar instruction, test standards, membership identification, recognition of rank, instructor certification, etc... Black belt recognition for most organizations comes from IAF. There are ten black belt ranks, ranging from first degree, the lowest level, to tenth degree, which is held only by the current Aikido Doshu. Shihan (master instructors), are sixth degree and up. Most shihan are Japanese, but there are an increasing number of non-Japanese shihan around the world as the art develops.

The ultimate aim of Aikido is to integrate the mind, body, and spirit. It teaches us to bring ourselves into harmony with our own energy, and with the energy of the world around us. Aikido is a way, or path, of bringing our true self, our body, and our energy together into a powerful, cohesive, effective unit. This benefits not only us personally, but benefits society as well.

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